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About Neehaari Mandali

Neehaari Mandali is working as an administrator and as a councillor at a well known hospital in the city of Hyderabad. Besides as a working woman, she is the founder of BSMS, an NGO to support the burn attack victims under the banner “Burn Survivor Mission Saviour. Neehaari Mandali herself is a burn survivor who is a girl from Puligadda village of Krishna district, got married to a man of her parent’s choice at the age of 20 years. The wedding remained as a fairy tale only for two weeks. The man of her dreams started to torture her mentally and physically. There was a time where she was devastated and considered herself as a failure, Unable to bear the harassment, she got vexed with her life and decided to burn in flames of fire. With 55 percent burns on the body unfortunately Neehaari was not known off her pregnancy, so she lost her two months old baby and survived the mishap. A few years later, after the incident took place, divorce was given to her by ruthless husband. Neehaari wanted to fight with her inner fears, insecurities and overcoming her inner battles by enrolling herself in a correspondence course in political science and got graduated from Sri Krishnadevaraya University of Anantapur. Main motto of our NGO is taking a lead of a TRUST known as “BURN SURVIVOR TRUST” helping the burn survivors physically & mentally perfect in their condition and to make believe in themselves that they still have their own beautiful life behind and to make them stand on their own feet.
Taking pieces from her own journey, Neehaari has started this NGO in the year 2012 for burn survivors. The visit to Germany and Italy for book fairs and a meeting with M.K. Muneer MLA,Kerala, she believes as the turning point. At the Book Fair in Frankfurt, along with Ann-Christine Woehrl Neeharri Mandali was presented in a photo book. Neehaari Mandali has been an inspiration to many for which her story was published in a German book named Invisible in the year 2014. Freelance journalist Lalila Zain helped her to finish the book. Kerala State Award was given in the year 2016 for Social justice day awareness program. In the year 2017 auto Biography of her life story got released in Malayalam named as Maattathinte Kuthipp, received very good reviews and drew nationwide attention. In the year 2018 on February 14th Neehaari received Bharath today Prem Divas award for best social activist from Paripoornanandha Swamy. In the year 2018 Neehaari Mandali has been selected for prestigious Lady Legend Award from Raja Ratnam Education and Health Care trust given by T.Subbarami Reddy for her tremendous effort in helping and meeting the burn survivors. The Founder says: “I tried the full sticks of matchbox, but only the last one could burn me”. “I have learnt how to shine with multiple burns and scars. I underwent 22 surgeries and it took me one whole year to hold a pen. After the mishap I was most inspired by Trivikram Srinivas Sir’s dialogue. This dialogue has given me a motivation to stand up and achieve my goals.
In order to gain the Victory in the battle, there is no need of killing the Enemy, Just we should defeat the enemy “I have been made a part of several state and national fashion shows to make a point that ‘inner beauty is more important than physical appearance. Believe me, my picture was listed in top 5 at a photo exhibition in Italy,” Whatever people might think about burn victims, Let’s not go back in the past, thank god for giving a second chance to cope with problems, and give life a chance to grow up. We are here to help you at anytime. If there are hundred steps just take one step to reach us, we take other ninety nine along with you, for you, to help you to reach your goals and overcome your inner fears and help you to walk in the society with hazel free mind.


Our VISION is to work together with complementary skills and generate synergy through a coordinated effort to achieve our goal with true potential to support the burn survivors and help them to achieve and overcome their fears beyond his or her limitations.

Our MISSION is to provide a special identity, equal importance and hazel free life in society to all burn survivors.


Our Counselling is a collaborative effort between the counsellor and client. This helps clients to identify their potential solutions to problems which cause emotional turmoil, helps them to improve their strengthen self-esteem which assists people to live more joyful, productive lives. It teaches one to be aware of one’s body, mind and breath, and to become more aware of the inner self and promote behaviour change and optimal mental heal.



When the burn survivor approaches us we talk to them, understand, go through their entire history and give them the best advice. We explain the burn survivor, if in case a surgery is mandatory, we give them knowledge about pre and post surgeries, How to take care of the body post-surgery, uses of getting a operation done and about post deformities caused if surgery is not done.  Surgery is often suggested to avoid the risk of death from common conditions.


Rehabilitation is very important because it restore some or all of the patient’s physical, sensory, and mental capabilities that were lost due to injury, illness, or disease. We understand what patients are going through and help them to have a hazel free life.

Meet With Them

Hello Folks!! If you have visited this page, it might be that you want to become a volunteer or may not be also. But if you really want to become a volunteer of BURNS SURVIVOR MISSON SAVIOUR, We are looking for bunch of people who are passionate to volunteer with their heart, soul and faith. There are people in the society who are left out with scars and burns closing themselves in four walls in depression without any encouragement. So, we want people who are self motivated, enthusiastic, energetic and having a positive attitude to help burn survivors and to support every individual mentally, physically by understanding their need. If you say” I am one among, who you’re looking for”!!! , Then no awaiting anymore, Just fill in your details in the below provides boxes and we will approach you.
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