This is the story of Sneha, a 13-year-old girl from a town named Suryapet in Telangana. She suffered an accident that left her body with severe burns. Her neck and body had contracted. Her skin had become so fragile that everyday activities were extremely difficult for her to carry out. The accident put a stop to her dreams at a young age and she saw no way ahead.
Have you ever had ‘cooking accidents’ or ‘kitchen accidents’ where you’re cooking and accidentally touch a hot pan or have a drop of oil splatter on your arm? It hurts, doesn’t it? You immediately apply ghee or something cold so as to heal the burn. Something similar happened to Chamundeshwari but on a much larger scale. Cooking accidents went to the next level and before she knew it,

Having a poor financial background is already difficult enough in this costly era. Having to deal with major health concerns is even more difficult to deal with. One such case is of a person we helped, Raju. Hailing from a poor background,

Struggling Sai to Succeeding Sai

Remember those innocent childhood days when we were 8 years old and our main goals were to go to school, come back, get our homework done and go outside to play until our mom brought us back in for dinner? Beautiful nostalgia isn’t it. 

Tirupati’s Battle With Burns

Society has become so single-minded that often men are told to “man up”, “don’t cry like a girl”, and whatnot when they express their emotions. They after expected to be strong all the time and not have basic human emotions. This was the case of Tirupati, who was under tremendous social pressure. And due to that, he ignored his serious health condition for 4 to 5 years.

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